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About Us

Who we are

Complete Streets Pty Ltd is a unique Australian owned firm dedicated to building happier and healthier towns and cities through better street making. Director Steven Burgess has been street making in Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years as well as projects, workshops and street making master classes in North America, South America, UAE and Europe. Steven was principal author of “Complete Streets – Guide to Urban Street Design” published in 2010 as well as a contributor to the “Global Street Design Manual” published in 2016 and the Auckland Road and Street Design Manual published in 2019.

About Steven

Steven Burgess is a leading contributor to the planning, design and development of liveable cities. He brings 30 years’ experience as an engineer and urban strategist to his understanding of creating resilient liveable cities. As well as an international speaker and commentator (Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, South America). Steven has worked on many village, town and city transformation projects around the world.

What we do

Complete Streets specialises in delivering more human-centric villages towns and cities through contemporary street design, better parking strategies and genuine centre revitalisations. Our project work covers both the public and private sectors. We also mentor government staff and organisations producing their own marquee strategies covering centre revitalisation, walking, cycling, transit, traffic and design.

Next Steps…

Bad streets make bad towns, but good streets are easier to make than you think. We can walk through the process together for a great outcome.