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Rethinking The Daily Commute

Complete Streets on the Adelaide Show podcast

Complete Streets on the Adelaide Show podcast

304 – Rethinking The Daily Commute

Extract from The Adelaide Show episode notes:

In January this year, I was in LA and one of the most disturbing and haunting things I noticed was the sheer volume of cars clogging their multi multi lane freeways. It was astonishing. Then back home and in the Adelaide Fringe, I was stuck quite often in pure gridlock around the CBD, just stuck in my car with thousands of other commuters. In situations like these I am always struck by what a senseless waste of life this inefficient communting is. So, here we are, communting has dropped to staggeringly low numbers during Covid-19 restrictions, and I think it’s the perfect time to ponder how we might reclaim this notion of commuting.

To discuss this, I have turned to Stephen Yarwood from City2050, former Lord Mayor of Adelaide, urban futurist, and regular on the podcast, and Steven Burgess, an urban strategist and a transport engineer with 30+ years experience who runs Complete Streets in Tasmania.

Watch below, or visit The Adelaide Show episode page.